All Set and Ready To Move In

So… You’ve decided to move out of your parents’ house and live in a condo or dorm, reasons withheld. Well, it’s pretty much a given that everything you need, you won’t find in the place you will move in to. That’s why before opening your new place’s door for the first time, be sure to have these with you:

Furnitures, depending whether or not your new abode is already fully-furnished. You might never want a fridge-less place, and a microwave is a big rescue sometimes.

Enough food and drinks. And water, water, water. But if, say, you prefer eating in fastfoods or restaurants, you might also want to have snacks in your condo or dorm. Speaking of food, also bring your own kitchenware.

Toiletries. Not all of them could be bought at the nearest convenience store, and not every toiletry in that store is what fits you most.

All the clothes you need. This may not be much of a problem who stays in his/her condo in weekdays and goes home every weekend. But for a person who doesn’t, it becomes a hassle when, for example, it’s freezing cold today and you want your grandma sweater but you didn’t bring it because it’s embarrassing. Either you call your parents to have them brought to you this instant, or travel 5098754975 miles to go get it yourself.

Some housekeeping items also come in handy, because you never know when you’re going to spill milk all over your floor.

Internet access, because nowadays internet has become rather a necessity than a privilege. Everything is in the internet and your mom isn’t there to answer your everything. You’re lucky if the building’s WiFi signal reaches you well, but for those out of the radar, you might need to have your own WiFi hotspot installed, or have a wireless broadband.

Your electronics’ chargers. Okay, I know very well that one of if not the first things you will prepare for moving in are your gadgets. Precious, handy gadgets that may completely replace human interaction later on. Make sure not to forget their chargers to prevent calling yourself “stupid” when your cellphone battery runs out and you have no choice but to go out and buy another charger.

First aid kit. Again, you never know.

Extra bulb, for when the one attached to your ceiling suddenly dies out. It takes no expert to replace a bulb; just a person with common sense. With that, you may consider bringing alternative sources of light for when power goes out.

Things for your leisure. Gadgets get tiring sometimes. Bring books, a camera, even dominoes to entertain you when you have nothing else to do but stay in.

Happy moving in!