A Timely Distant Home

Going back home from school is usually what you do especially if you’re a student. In Taft it usually takes several minutes to travel from there to your house especially if you live pretty far or you’re on the road during the rush hours where you would have to meet a bunch of people as you fight inside the cramp spaces of the train or of jeeps or if you have your own car, against the flow of traffic in general. But Taft in general will most likely be traffic since the cramp roads and the abundance of PUV makes it all worse. Traveling can take up most of your time and can really get you tired. Instead of using that time to actually be doing something, you waste some precious minutes of your life on the road stuck in traffic and most probably you’re just sleeping or trying to make your mind wander while you wait. Though you can argue that at home you don’t have much to worry about since all your things are there and such but staying in Taft instead of commuting all the way to a home that takes two hours away from your life can really be impractical.

Staying in Taft might be far away from your real home but staying in Taft can really save you all the stress of having to fight against the flow of traffic all the time and that includes going home and going all the way to Taft! When you wake up you don’t have to worry about commuting, all you have to worry about is actually waking up early to go to your class or whatever you need to do early that day. You also save in time, might take you only a couple of minutes to go back to your dorm or condo after a tiring day and you could just rest and once you’re okay you can start doing your work and you might even have time to go out and have some fun. Time and Distance is everything here and to have them much to your advantage is always a good thing.

But at the end of the day it’s really still up to you if you’d rather go all the way to Taft or live near Taft. There are a bunch of factors like your living costs, security and etc. so try to make the best compromise for yourself and always remember that whatever is most convent and practical is probably the best choice for you.