All By Myself or With You?

Moments when you thank the universe that you live alone and despise it when you have a roommate:

  • Quiet just when you want it.
  • The urge to just dance around.
  • Crying because of watching a movie such as Friends with Benefits.
  • You want bacon for dinner. Bacon. For dinner.
  • Having a bad day and not wanting any human interaction.
  • Embarrassing parents coming over for a surprise visit.
  • Wanting to blast the speakers with your socially unacceptable playlist.
  • Bathroom time.

Moments when you praise the Lord you have a roommate and wonder why in the world you don’t:

  • You thought you saw a ghost.
  • A dysfunctional body clock and alarm clock.
  • You left your keys.
  • Falling off a bunk bed and breaking a few bones.
  • Paying monthly bills.
  • Having a bad day and seeking someone else.
  • Getting home drunk and feeling sick.
  • Awkward moments with maintenance.