Condo Hunting

Condos have been in the picture for a long time already but it seems like they’re finally taking the spotlights these past few years. Condos have been popping all over the place like mad and it’s selling quite well as a matter of fact. So if you’re interested in buying your own condo unit, I’ve prepared 5 key elements to serve as your guide in choosing a condo.


Location is very important in choosing your condo unit. Your condo must be near to your school or work area to avoid being stuck in traffic in hectic Monday mornings. Another thing about location is that you should know if it’s safe in case of any natural disasters such as earthquakes or storms. Make sure the place isn’t easily flooded or that the condo does not stand above a fault line.


In relevance to location is the environment. Make sure the area surrounding the condominium is safe. Look for condos that don’t have any troublemakers outside (lasinggeros) and it would be better if there’s a police station and hospital nearby. Your condo must also have easy access to food and medicine in case of emergencies. Lastly make sure public transportation within the vicinity is accessible 24/7


A beautiful condominium is easily breached if there is no security. Make sure the security guards in the condo look trustworthy to guard your unit. Make sure there are CCTV cameras and also make sure they’re working. Most condos are strict when it comes to visitors so don’t take this as a disadvantage, they’re doing this for your own safety. Check for emergency exits as well in case of fire or any other accidents.


The room would always depend on the taste of the customer. But usually most condo units look alike. What’s important in making a decision with regards to the unit is the number of occupants. That would determine if you need a big or small room. If you have chosen a room already, check its facilities and utilities. Make sure they are all working well and eveyrything is prim and proper.


Lastly, the price of the condo unit would be a huge factor in buying the unit. Make sure you can afford the price and would fit according to your salary. Make sure the management is also flexible when it comes to paying terms. Some condos are expensive for a purpose. You’ll definitely see where your money is going while most of them are just simply expensive.

Remember, in choosing a condo, your first priority is your comfortability. Hope this list helps you out in choosing your own condo unit. Good luck!