My Kind of Place

People are always conflicted with the idea of where to live in Taft. They’re always concerned with the cost and the benefits they get. These people usually have to either pick a condo or a dorm. Both have their advantages and depending on how you want to live and even how much you got, you pick one of these. And today, I’ll try to explain the differences that you should take note of about each of these so that if you ever do decide to live in Taft, you get to have an idea where to live.

The good thing about most dorms is that they’re relatively cheaper than condos. Though this is not true all the time this is the case for most of the dorms that are in Taft. Though if there’s one thing you have to take note of in being in a dorm is that it usually doesn’t allow the opposite sex to be there compared to a condo where you can basically have anyone there. Dorms are very strict with this rule and this could be both a good and bad thing. Good because it allows a greater sense of decency and it lessens the worry of parents who might not trust their children as much as they should. It’s a bad thing because it means that students can’t have their classmates in the dorm especially if they’re of the opposite sex and that could pose a problem. Compared to a dorm, there is more freedom and no one really controls who goes to your condo, except you. And basically what you can expect from a dorm is security since it also implies that there is a set curfew. Dorms are very student friendly…or should I say parent friendly since it really does take note of the kinds of expectations that parents want from their children. But when compared to having a condo, there really lies the freedom, there is no time limit or curfew and having too much of this freedom is bad and good depending on the people who abuse this.

At the end of the day, it really is still up to you what you want. There are good things about each and you should choose depending on your situation and the kind of compromise you can make.