To Cook or To Go?

Living a condo or in a dorm is not as easy as you think and one of the problems that you would experience would be related to what you will eat and where will it come from. In this article, I will be pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of both cooking in your condo and getting a take-out in the fast food restaurants near you.


Variety of Food
You have in your hands the power to cook whatever meal you like depending on the ingredients available

Suits your taste
Cooking your own food means knowing your own taste for a specific meal. Fried chicken from fast food would taste very different compared to when you cook Fried chicken from fast food would taste very different compared to when you cook it yourself. It might even taste better.

Save money
Cooking saves money if you do it the right way. It starts with proper budgeting and buying only what you need. Besides, ingredients for one dish can be used for another dish. Improvise and make use of ingredients you weren’t able to finish last time in making a new dish.

Clean food
One of the best things about cooking your own food is that you know for a fact that it’s clean since you were the one who cooked it. Using your own kitchen utensils, provided that you cleaned it before hand, assures you of safer food.

It’s fun!
Though cooking may not be for everyone, it can be fun too and experience is the best teacher. You might not be successful in your first trial but never give up. Learn from your mistakes and continue. What would make cooking fun too is that doing it with a friend or a loved one.

It can cost a lot of money if not done properly. Deciding which brand to buy and which ones to ignore. Difficult task.

Shopping itself is time consuming and so is cooking the food. Cooking it for almost an hour and eating it only for a few minutes. How unfair.

Too much work
Shopping.  Preparing . Cooking.  Cleaning.

A kitchen accident can set you off the mood and not wanting to eat anymore. Worse accident would have to be when you spill or drop your already cooked meal.

More Costly
As mentioned earlier, if shopping and budgeting is not done properly, then prepare to spend lots of bucks.


Faster food
In a matter of minutes, even seconds, after ordering, you can already enjoy your food.

In McDo, with 50 pesos, you can eat a rice meal already with drinks. Other carinderias even offer something cheaper than 50.

Easily accessible
Condominiums are a magnet to different fast food restaurants. The moment you go out of the building, you’ll probably see at least one to three fast food restaurants.

Variety of restaurants
Lots of choices in where to buy your food. You can go in a fast food restaurant or you can go fine dining like Max’s.

Less work
All you need to do is go out of your condo walk or take a jeepney to your desired restaurant, order then eat.

Food can only be new for a short amount of time. The more you buy it, the older it becomes. The more you will get used to it. The more you will get sick of it.

Sometimes unsanitary
Even expensive restaurants aren’t an exception to this. The point is, you don’t know what happens behind the counter and you can’t always be sure of how your food is processed for you.

Might not suit your taste
You see something new and it intrigues you. So what do you do? You buy it. If it taste good, then all is good. Otherwise, you’re quite unlucky. Not only you wasted money but now you have to finish something you don’t really like

Fast food restaurants aren’t exactly the places you would want to go to if you’re on a healthy regimen. Most of their food if not all are junk foods.

Some food are expensive
Your favourite food happens to be more than a hundred bucks. Today you can afford it. Tomorrow, you still can. The day after that, maybe you still can but then you’ll find limiting yourself in terms of money. Spend money more wisely.