‘Round the Clock

Are you a certified Taft standby, day and night? Or in a more colorful tone…

Certified tambay ka ba ng Taft?

Do I hear a yes? Well, this article is for all you people who stay in Taft like there’s no tomorrow. For all the people who walks along Taft from sun up to sun down. For all the people craving for food at 12 midnight, or those who are desperate for a dose of caffeine in the middle of a grueling thesis session. Or… you probably get my point already. This is the guide to some of Taft Avenue’s 24-hour stores, restaurants, fast-food chains and more. This is the guide to the place to go when you’re thisclose to breaking down and in need of a pint or tow of ice cream, or when you are just, well, bored and want to get out but does not want to stay on the dark roads of Manila.

Taft Avenue is one of the busiest, if not the busiest streets in Metro Manila, with the busiest people, alive and kicking ’til the wee hours of the morning. And with busy people must come busy establishments, ready to serve.

1. McDonald’s (Vito Cruz | Quirino | EDSA Taft)

Say hello to everyone’s favorite fast-food chain. Everyone seems to be under the magic of Mister Ronald McDonald and his crew. With the affordable price, fast service and undeniably delicious menu, McDonald’s is the place to be. And being open for 24 hours, this is the emergency I-am-hungry number of all the Taft people pulling an all-nighter for a thesis, for a project, or, you, know, talking to that special someone. Or just browsing through Tumblr and reblogging the night away. Whatever you’re doing and no matter how late you stay up, McDonald’s is ready to serve you, more conveniently still with their McDelivery service. You know what to do.

2. 7-Eleven and Mini Stop (One Archers Place | Manila Residences | Quirino | Along Vito Cruz… and more)


Not only will you be able to buy foods and snacks, this one-stop convenience store is also your savior in the midst of a heavy flow, or a sweaty underarm, or an I-wanna-smell-good-I-need-a-cologne crisis. In 7-Eleven, you are given the liberty to shop for all your basic needs– toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, and more. You can buy snacks for when you are having group studies, or a full-meal for when you are just a hungry piece of slob. You can even buy fruits and drinks and so much more. And Mini Stop allegedly has the best ice cream in Taft. Like McDonald’s, only for a cheaper price. Plus, they are like mushrooms– they are everywhere. Everywhere.

3. Mercury Drug (Vito Cruz | U.N.| Quirino… and more)

It is your turn to thank all the gods that this one-stop drugstore is open 24 hours, or you will have to get stuck with your runny nose and allergies, at the very least. Thank all the gods, now. Thank Zeus, and Hera, and Poseidon. Thank the gods.

4. Jollibee (Every-freaking-where)

The most adorable bee in town is located in so much spot in town that they are worse than the mushroom-7-elevens and Mini Stops. You see a Jollibee every time you go down an LRT station, and sometimes even more than one. But what is there to complain about when a cute and huge bee is ready to welcome you anytime of the day with a sweet smile and a delicious meal? I have nothing more to say *proceeds to eating her Jolly Spaghetti*