“Chillax Gaming Lounge” is a new place to just play video games with your friends and relax with their unbelievably comfortable couches. This place is located in One Archers Place and pretty much a place to take note of if you have those really long breaks or you basically want something to do with your barkada. This place offers games from xbox and ps3. You get to have fighting games with your friends as you try to beat the other with your own combos. You can also play first person shooters in order to show off that trigger happy skill that you have. And there are even games that are more for the storyline if you wish to find some more depth in your gaming experience.

Aside from the usual games that are offered usually. There are two other games that are more for the group, meaning it can contain four or more players. These two games that are offered here are “Rockband” and the series of dancing games with the kinect. “Rockband” allows you and your friends to take up several instruments and one vocalist. Basically you’re one virtual band, and this is really another kind of experience that is not usually seen. It can really take off the stress of school or work. Other than this, there is also the dancing game which is found in the gaming console “Kinect” that is able to find and sensor your movements as you try to copy the character on the screen. You play the game by being able to imitate each move and each time you are somehow able to, you gain points. Playing this with your friends can be a bit tiring but this is where the experience is and before you know it, you would’ve have spent almost an hour just dancing and in less than that you’d already be tired.

So this is chilax. A place that brings in a new dimension of fun and relaxation.
So why not try this place out and just simply….