Drink till’ you drop

Taft is one of the most well-known places in Manila and it definitely has it all; from school to residences and especially business. But what would a prominent city be without its night life? Taft is always busy 24/7, whether its work and leisure, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

To help us understand more about Taft’s leisure (drinking) places, I have with me today Charleen Batayola, simply because she loves to drink

Mart: Okay so I heard you like drinking. Is it true? and if it is, how true is it?

Cha: Yeah, I do. I think you can say I love it even ’cause I always try to find time for it. (laughs)

Mart: So I’m pretty sure I’m correct if I guess that you know a lot of drinking places around Taft. Would you mind telling us about them?

Cha: Yup. I know about the popular ones like Sherwood, Timeout, and Beach. Those places are usually packed with students on Thursdays. I have one drinking place though that’s not very popular, but I’d rather keep it that way ’cause it’s pretty small and hidden. That’s where I go when I just want to chill and stay away from the crowds.

Mart: Alright that’s fine. So tell me about Sherwood.

Cha: Sherwood is just across Andrew, I think. Not exactly in front of it, but yeah pretty close. It’s nice there ’cause there are multiple places to choose from. I believe Plato’s the most popular there ’cause it’s always full of people. As in full. Seats are filled inside and there are also people outside playing beerpong.

Mart: Beerpong has been really ‘in’ lately. Did you ever try?

Cha: Yes!!! Many many times already. It’s really fun! A bit unhygienic though, but loads of fun.

Mart: Is there any place besides Sherwood that you can enjoy beerpong?

Cha: Around Taft? Timeout is the only other one I know.

Mart: The name sounds interesting. So what’s the difference of this one from Sherwood?

Cha: Timeout has a sporty theme. When you enter their walls have drawings of cartoon mascots of different college and universities who compete in UAAP and NCAA. Plus, they show different sporting events on their TVs. I guess they named the place timeout, since the term is pretty much sports related.

Mart: That sounds cool, you mentioned another one earlier called ‘Beach’. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought about the ‘boracay’ type of beach. What’s with this drinking place?

Cha: Well, it doesn’t really have a theme actually. It looks pretty plain to me. It just has chairs and tables, no fuss or decorations. Basically, it’s just a place that serves alcohol. When I was a Frosh, it was the first place I went to in Taft to drink. It seems to be the go to drinking place of 1st year students. Not sure why, but I think it’s partly because of its closeness to Andrew.

Mart: So what is your favorite drinking place and where would you recommend our readers?

Cha: Probably Beach, because their drink prices are okay. The variety is okay too. Besides the regular beers and vodkas they offer shots like Jager and Bacardi. Also, compared to the other places, it’s very near. No need to cross. I believe its simplicity is what makes it great. You can just focus on the fun with friends instead of getting distracted by all the lights and TV monitors unlike the other places. You have more freedom here since you can plug your iPod and play your own music, you can borrow cards for a fee, hospitable staff, and their parking space. They can get your car out safely even if it’s jam-packed.

Mart: You’re right that does sound nice. So anything you want to say to our readers before we end this?

Cha: Enjoy your youth, but know your limits!