Stay Connected! Cybergaming!

An internet cafe’ that’s in “One Archers Place” its very convenient to those who live near here and it’s 24/7! Most of the people here are DLSU students who are either playing or using the net.

This is inside Techtite and as you can see they have very good computers though it can get very noisy here since every computer has a speaker rather than headsets for each of the pc

Speed Bytes is in EGI taft tower is another great internet cafe’. A lot of people also play here but mostly people go here to finish their papers and to print them here. This is located near the DLSU area and therefore is a very popular place to be in so that people can get their work done.

This is inside Speed Byte’s and basically you can see that they have enough computers if ever there are a lot of people.

Arena is an Internet cafe’ above Tokyo Tokyo and its near the CSB main. It accommodates a lot of students and like Techtite it’s 24/7

This is the inside of Arena, as you can see they have high performance computers for gaming.

This is Mineski Infinity and this internet cafe’ is known for having the best dota players and basically like Area most people here come to play pc games.