On Tresses and Nail Buds Care

You walk along Taft while dusts rustle in the wind. The wind grows stronger so your dry hair starts flying all over the place. You look down and notice that your month-old toenail polish became worse with all the dirt your feet have caught while on your way to the LRT station. You’re about to go to a date and you look like you just came out of a cave without ever showering.

So, in case you put yourself in the same situation with the poor girl above, always keep n mind that there are salon places in Taft Avenue. These are the places where you could indulge in the middle of the busy streets.

Bench Fix, Burgundy Transpacific Place

I hear Bench Fix offers excellent hair styling in affordable prices, so why not give it a try during one of those moments where you just want to chop all your hair off and you’re bored in Taft?

David’s Salon, EGI Taft Tower

With their professional European styling that you could get in three different levels depending on the price you’re most comfortable with, David’s Salon is probably a one stop for someone living in Taft who would be needing a dusting and a new hair color.

B.A.R. (Beauty and Rejuvenation), University Mall

The place is three-fourths nail salon and the last fourth is where their hair service equipment are. Yay for getting your hair done as you wait for your nail polish to dry! How much to shell out depends on the kind of nail lacquer you want your nails to be applied with.

Naughty Nohti Nail Spa, One Archers Place

At the second floor of One Archers Place resides two nail salons, and Naughty Nohti is one of them. I don’t know what’s up with the subtle word play, but I get word that their nail arts, although hand-painted instead of tattoo, are fairly good for the price.

Get Polished!, One Archers Place

Just a few paces away from Naughty Nohti is Get Polished!, also offering quality service in affordable prices. Like the salons listed here except from B.A.R., I’ve only seen the place from the outside. All I could say is that the French motif is kind of enticing.