I Need Space

They say aside from the academic and extracurricular challenges school has to offer, there is one other thing that keeps some of the students, well, challenged. Particularly students who… ride… in Taft. *insert Lana del Rey feels*

Parking. Parking spaces.

Where do I park my car? Is it safe here? I’m, like, gonna be late na!!!— This is one of the few remarks we would always hear, from some of our blessed brothers and sisters who owns a car and gets to school in them. Blessed as they are, parking spaces remain to be elusive. They are not so blessed after all. But some are wiser, and from the wiser ones we get tips.

1) Certified Lasallian (Newbie): The Razon Parking Lot and The Bro. Andrew Parking Lot.

If you are a Taft newbie (read: nangangapa pa), and a Lasallian student, you may want to let the safety of your car rest on the hands of La Salle first. There are parking slots located at the Razon Sports Center and Brother Andrew Gonzales Hall. Parking fees are payable at the Accounting Office La Salle Hall Room 118. If I am not mistaken, tickets are sold in amounts supposedly good for a whole term. In short, you cannot buy retail. It’s always wholesale.

2) Branching Out: The Green Space beside Starbucks Agno, the parking lot in Mcdo Vito Cruz, EGI, One Archers, and The UM parking lot.

If you are much more comfortable in Taft, go try the parking spaces outside. The parking in Mcdonald’s Taft is free, just a little tip for your friendly guide would do. The parking in the Green Space and UM comes with a price, depending on how long your car stay with them. EGI and One Archers has a flat rate of something around 50 pesos,  All five parking lots have security, don’t worry.

3) Liblib and Risky Places: Beach (Along Castro), in front of Tokyo Tokyo and somewhere near SEx.

I’d have to thank the alumni for providing me these information. But I suggest you do not try these unless you’re so sure of yourself, and the safety of you car. You do not want to be going to school with a ride, and going home with manong driver while your mother waits at home to scold you for losing the damn car.

Now off to find your space. Good luck.