Surviving a Possible Zombie Apocalypse

Greco: Sorry, we can’t talk as loud as we could because right now we’re in danger.

Mart: We won’t be staying in one place too long.

Greco: Right now, we have to be really quiet, that is one rule you have to take note of especially during this time where a lot of zombies are just lurking around.

Mart: That’s right, zombies are very sensitive to sound so we have to be very careful.

Greco: Did you hear that?

Mart: Yes, I did we have to get going to the next safe spot, Hurry!

Greco: Okay, let’s go.

Mart: Wait, we’re about to turn on this corner we have to make sure that no one is there, I’ll go check it out.

Greco: Sure sure, I’ll guard your back.

Greco: Guys remember, another tip to take note of when you’re in a zombie apocalypse is to have people around you, not too many but just the right amount so that at least you know that you’re not alone and someone has your back like the feeling when I have Mart to help scout for me as I guard his back.

Mart: Okay, no one is there we have to hurry now.

Greco: okay let’s run quietly to the next spot.

Mart: Alright go on.

Greco: Okay guys we’ll be here for a moment and we have to be aware of what’s happening around us.

Mart: That’s right we have to be always aware of our environment because you never know if a zombie would just appear out of nowhere, at the same time we have to open our eyes to the possibility that there might be survivors around.

Greco: There’s a zombie right there!!

Mart: Hit him!!!

Greco: Remember guys, when you try to kill a zombie the best weapons are the ones that don’t make too much noise and always aim for the head. But at the same time the best weapons are still guns and it’s easier to kill a zombie with it by aiming it at there heads, most of the time it will instantly kill them. Never aim for just the body because that does not guarantee a swift kill, remember aside from killing the zombie you also have to not waste time before any other zombies come after you.

Mart: Alright they’re dead!

Greco: Oh look there are a couple of survivors!!

Mart: Come with us!! We’ll go to a higher ground for better vision and protection

Greco: That’s right! Having a good vantage point in seeing what’s ahead of you is very important. You need to find high places like on top of a mall so you’ll have a better grasp of what’s happening around you. Remember take every advantage that is at your disposal because it’s your life and the life of others that is at stake here. So having this leverage is very important in able to see what’s happening and the possibility of a horde of zombie attacking you. Here in Taft make sure to take note of all the building where you could possibly have enough of a vantage point while not endangering yourself and taking note of places where supplies are also available.

Mart: That’s right. We have to keep on looking for places to go and with the right amount of supplies because if the zombies don’t get us, hunger will. We have to be vigilant and resourceful all the time and keep on using everything that we can find and strive for survival.

Greco: Alright, I think I see a horde of zombies bellow us, we have to move and we have to hurry!

Mart: Let’s go, we have no time left, I think I see them coming!

Greco: Make a turn here!

Mart: I see a guy crying, should we help him?

Greco: Most of the time, the best thing to do is find out if that person is a zombie or not, but most probably in this case, this is just another zombie crying our of hunger pangs waiting to devour human flesh! We have to sneak around him and run for our lives!

Mart: You’re right, we still have to run away from that horde of zombies that is about to come here at any second!!

Greco: Go Go GO we have to make it to another place!!

Mart: I’m getting a message that we should head to the Publish room, its safer there!

Greco: Roger, let’s get a move on and avoid any sort of conflict

Mart: That’s right, the best option to do in a zombie apocalypse is still to run away as fast as you could. Fighting will always be your last option! We have to keep on running and avoid any zombie confrontation!

Greco: Alright, let’s hurry up before any more zombies arrive!!

Mart: Run!

Greco: Open the door!! We’ here!! Please open the door!

Mart: We’re here open up!!!

Greco: That was a close one!!

Mart: It was! well anyways, guys that’s how you survive a zombie apocalypse!!

Greco: Always remember that if you wish to live!