Be Snatch-Proof

Photo taken from Yahoo! News UK & Ireland

Taft, being part of Manila, can be considered as one of the most advanced and progressive places we have in the Philippines in terms of different aspects such as education or business. But progressive as it may be, it isn’t near being perfect. It succumbs to the problems of any major cities or avenues we have all over the country right now, may it be pollution, overcrowding, traffic, and even theft. In this article, we are going to focus about how to be snatch/theft-proof. I have given out 5 simple keys to making your life a bit safer out there in the scary streets of Taft.

1. If you got it, don’t flaunt it
Flaunting that iPhone 5 of yours in public may boost up your ego even in a little way but it would also be like waving a flag that tells thieves to steal from you. Humility goes a long way, you can text and call someone if you want to but if you don’t really need your phone, then keep it inside your bag or pockets. Same goes for laptops, cameras, etc.

2. Be Vigilant
Don’t space out! Waiting for the train or bus or even a friend might be taking a while but it isn’t an excuse to be spacing out. It’s another way of inviting thieves again to steal from you. Even in riding public transportation  be mindful of your things and even the people around you. It might also help to lower the volume of your mp3 players or iPods whenever you’re in public places.

3. Always have your buddy
Buddies stick out for each other. Remember that you are also someone’s buddy so if you see them breaking the first two rules mentioned above, it is your responsibility to remind them about it. A scenario where buddies can be very helpful is when you decide to eat outside; always have one person watch your things as you order your food. Never leave your valuables unattended. Given that you’re usually alone, then your buddy can be a pepper spray or a taser.

4. Don’t Trust Anyone
This might sound mean but it’s being realistic. We have already come to an age where children below 10 years old are stealing already, and I’m pretty sure that old people are not an exception. Snatchers and thieves today are no longer what you think they are. They might even be wearing more sophisticated clothes than you are, so be mindful of who sits and walks beside you.

If you follow those rules mentioned above then I’m sure you’re ready to stroll the streets of Taft. But let’s say for some unlucky reason, the snatchers still choose you as their victim and you happen to be the subject of a hold-up, then remember this last rule:

5. Don’t fight back
By the end of the day, you would only be losing a material wealth that can be replaced in a minute. Your phone, wallet, camera, laptops, etc. wouldn’t be able to save your life if you wanted them to. They aren’t worth your life so just hand them over to the robbers and leave. Report it to the nearest police station afterwards and hope they arrest the fugitives soon.
Stay safe and good luck! :)