Charged Up and Loading

Communication is a very important aspect of our lives. Here in our modern age we depend so much of it especially with the advancement of our technology. Always having your cellphone with you at all times is not a rare thing to do in this day and age. Being able to contact anyone from anywhere as long as you have their contact info is probably the most useful thing we have now.

Relying on this technology there are some limitations that we have to take note of. First of all the most obvious one is that this technology relies very much on electricity, so if you forgot to charge your phone you’re pretty much dead. Here in Taft there are several charge up stations you can go to though there are only a few of them, the Seven Eleven stores usually provide this service or if you’re a student in DLSU there is one charge up station in the second floor of the Andrew Building. There is also another charging station near the main library.

Another factor we have to take into consideration is that you should have load in order to call or text. If you’re phone relies on buying load rather than having a subscription then it’s very wise to know where you could get load. There are a lot of places where you can get load from. There are loading stations such as the “Load up” machine which you find in Agno, The University Mall and one that’s near One Archers across techtite. These loading up machines are like vending machines where in you just type in your number and how much load you want, then you insert your coins and in a few seconds you’ll get your load! Aside from these machines there are the usually places where you can get load are the convience stores such as Seven Elven and Ministop that are scattered around Taft so it’s not that hard to find one. There are also small stores that offer load like this little store located at the ground floor of the university mall where they also provide load for you to buy.