6 things that could cause a huge fire

In Taft where it is congested, getting your unit on fire will cause serious problems times ten. But I’m not one to spoon-feed safety precautions and messages like “During a fire, number one rule is don’t panic.” Instead, I give you six of the simplest things (some very obvious, but not really paid necessary attention to) I could find that would probably cause a huge fire..and some advice.

1. Frying food

Frying is probably one of the easiest ways to cook food. It could result in a delicious meal, but even the tiniest bit of carelessness or irresponsibility could result in a burned unit. Hot oil shouldn’t be left burning and unattended. With this, you might consider just getting your french fries from McDo or Jollibee (or any fast food chains for that matter) especially if you’re one to attend to your laptop while waiting for your food to be crispy-fried.

2. Counterfeit electronics and appliances

Cool for your wallet that you got those extension cords fifty percent cheaper than the ones in reputable stores, but not cool for your room when those cords start fire. Poor packaging and handling, no instructions… Come on. This is one of those scenarios where “when it’s cheap, it’s poorly made/not safe” applies. Might as well invest for a somewhat pricey but worth it microwave before moving in.

3. Lighters and matches

Don’t mock me with that “Thank you, Captain Obvious!” line. I’m just here to remind you that while I understand that you own a lighter because you’re a smoker, it would be a total waste of time and to some extent a life risk if you start playing with your fire-producing contraption while rocking your chair as you stay inside your condo on a boring day. Just get a life. Or your books.

4. Candles

This is where the edge of emergency light is: they are less likely to start a huge fire. Candle fires are very common causes of house fires. If you have a pet (or a careless roommate), might as well not use fires. Knock ’em over without acting on it fast and bam! You’re going to have to call (632) 729-5166 ASAP. That’s the emergency hotline for the Bureau of Fire Protection, anyway.

5. Clothes driers

When deciding where to have your laundry done, consider the equipment they use. If their driers look like it has lint all over and more on the insides, don’t even have second thoughts about staying away from the place.

6. Cigarette butts

Before throwing out your cigarettes, smokers, make sure that they are completely dead. Especially if you’re the messy kind of teenager who just throws things, garbage and clean stuff alike, everywhere. If you don’t want to or can’t have a squeamish roommate, the least you could do to keep yourself safe is don’t throw it when it’s burning.

So… is your lifestyle fire-proof? If it is, then, good for you! Pat yourself on the back for that. If not, better start early than be sorry later. You don’t want to be known as the “guy/girl that caused the huge fire a week ago”.