Monthly Archive: December, 2012

The Dorm Life


Cleo Kristine Elveña, a first-time resident of the Lasallian Study Center, narrates how it’s like to live in a dorm, and if she would exchange anything, particularly a condo unit, to get out… Continue reading

Love, Not Informed


Looks like Taft has its own jam after all. I don’t like Taft so much, and I kind of hoped that most people share the same feelings with me on this one. But… Continue reading

Coming Soon (Hopefully)


Taft is already home to a lot of food establishments but I believe that it has room for more. It was recently announced that the famous Burger King is making its way in Taft so… Continue reading

Art in Chaos


After attending our first class, my friends and I went to the National Museum to check out Juan Luna’s Spoliarium. Last Monday, we were instructed to go there for our Introduction to Arts… Continue reading

Too Young To Be Fighting So Many


Taft Avenue is a busy, busy street. It features not just the biggest commercial establishments and the busiest fast food chains and industrial institutions, but also the most worked out people, struggling to… Continue reading

Class and Royalty


The ambiance is usually the reason why people go to cafe’s. They go here either to relax or just find that place where it’s not that noise, not too crowded but just the… Continue reading

Meaty Madness


When you’re hungry, you sometimes have this tendency to imagine the dish you want to eat in the biggest serving you can imagine. When you’re stomach is empty, you think that the bigger… Continue reading

Make The Most Out of Your Condo


How can one make the most out of his/her condo? In my opinion, utilizing the space is the best way of doing so. Space is your friend and you should love it and… Continue reading

There’s a new (Apple) store in Taft.


Apple fanboys and fangirls living around the De La Salle area were thrilled when a new authorized Apple reseller opened a branch at the ground floor of One Archers Place. SW!TCH showcases all Apple products,… Continue reading

Battle of the Edifice


December 4, 2012. We were bemused to know which will win: staying in a Dorm with roommates which is cheaper and safe or living in a Condo with your parents? It’s too bad… Continue reading

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