Battle of the Edifice

December 4, 2012.

We were bemused to know which will win: staying in a Dorm with roommates which is cheaper and safe or living in a Condo with your parents? It’s too bad that technical problems occurred on the day of our “supposed” interactive debate. We laid out our questions and everybody was good to go but the technological advancements failed us. So to at least present something to our lovely readers, we chose to interview them individually instead and be the judge as to who wins the very interesting discussion.

Micah Maranan and Bianca Dabu, our resident writers, interviewed Ysmael “Izzy” Suarez. Izzy has been living in a dorm at Archer’s Nook. The interview took place in Izzy’s dorm even though outsiders were not allowed inside Izzy’s dorm. (Don’t ask!)

Micah: Hi I’m Micah

Bianca: Hi I’m Bianca and we are with Izzy. And we are here to talk about one of the most crucial city living issue. One that many of us might relate to and something that will help us make one of the biggest decisions of our life. So here with us is Izzy, a dorm person. We are here to talk about whether it is better to live in a condo or a dorm. So Izzy introduce yourself and your dorm.

Izzy: I am Ismael Suarez and I live in a dorm across DLSU just on Taft. We are in it right now, this is the common room. I like living in a dorm because you get exposed to a lot of people, with your roommates, with people from other room so you really get to socialize and you don’t feel alone. When you live in a dorm or in a condo, you live far away from home its better if you have people around you to be happy.

Micah: so tell us, why do you prefer a dorm over a condo?

Izzy: Well, like I said, dorms here, you’re sort of required to be around people because you share rooms and you’re in a building where you have to pass by or interact with other dormers so it’s not a drag unless you don’t like meeting people but it’s fine, it’s fun. In a condo, you get more privacy but I like socializing with people so it’s okay. I trust.

Bianca: is money and food an issue?

Izzy: No.

Micah: Why not?

Izzy: Well in our dorm there’s no fridge so that’s sort of an issue but I don’t see it as an issue because I just buy my meals. That’s okay with me, I miss cooking but I can cook when I go home but I can just buy food here so it’s okay.

Bianca: Do you have a roommate?

Izzy: Yes, I have one.

Bianca: and how is your relationship?

Izzy: We are going strong for two years (laughs)

Bianca: Wow! So do you prefer living there with a dorm mate or do you want to live alone? Given the chance.

Izzy: Well in our room, there’s maximum of three, there’s two of us left. I actually miss that we could be three again, because by the end of the year he (roommate) will be gone so I would be the only one left in the room. So, I just miss being three, yeah it’s crowded but each night it’s not boring because we talk, we make noise, and when you’re just alone you’re just there sitting, it’s a little sad.

Micah: so we want to ask you, if you’re given the chance to transfer to a condo, would you agree or not? And why?

Izzy: Right now, maybe no. Not yet. I can wait because the thing is in my situation, I’ve been living in a dorm for two years. I really got connected with the people that live in it (dorm) and we kind of have a group and we’re really close so I don’t want to give that up, just yet.

Bianca: Did you ever consider?

Izzy: Yeah maybe but I’ll visit (the dorm)

Bianca: Thank you Izzy for sharing with us your life in the dorm. See you next time


Greco Flores and Trixia Dela Cruz, also two of our resident writers, on the other hand, interviewed Lea Lardizabal. Lea, who has been living in a condo with her parents just this year, shares her experiences with us.

Greco: Hey, Lea So bakit mo naman naisipan mag-condo?

Lea: Kasi nung nag-start ako sa La Salle sobrang layo nung tinitirahan ko. Mga 1 and a half hour ang biyahe tas minsan pag-traffic pa or rush hour 2 hours. Nakakahassle din so kaya nag-condo na lang para madali para konting lakad lang nandiyan na.

Greco: So talagang nakatulong sa’yo ang condo, ‘di ba?

Lea: Oo, nakatulong talaga. Mas convenient

Trixia: So ano para sa’yo ang best part of having a condo?

Lea: Ayun, ‘yung konting lakad lang nasa school ka na tas pag may nakalimutan kasa bahay konting lakad lang din tsaka madaming hmmm mga stores diyan kung ano man kailangan mo tsaka restaurant

Trixia: Ah so bale distance talaga ang nagiging factor ditto ‘no? Pero ‘Di k aba nagsasawa sa Taft?

Lea: Nakakasawa din pero ayos lang. kasi pwede ka naman pumunta sa Makati, sa Fort

Greco: Ah, ‘di mo naman namimiss ‘yung bahay niyo?

Lea: Nakakamiss din kasi malaki ‘yung bahay, I mean, mas malaki ‘yung space kaysa sa condo. Tsaka tahimik. Kung pupunta ka sa place na ‘to maingay tapos may pollution, ayun. Masikip din.

Trixia: Aside from that how was your first time being in a condo? Sa’n ka ba nasanay? Sa’n ka ba nahirapan?

Lea: Madali lang mag-adjust. Before pa ko tumira dito talaga ‘yung ate ko na taga-La salle din nakacondo so dun ako natutulog din before kaya ang dali lang.

Greco: Eh yung pagkain tsaka pera, naging problem aba ‘yun?

Lea: Hindi, kasi kasama ko sa condo ko ‘yung parents ko kasi dito din sila sa Manila nag-wowork. Usually sila ‘yung nagluluto tas pag ‘di pa ko kumakain nagagalit pa sila. Kung may kailangan akong pera, nandiyan lang sila. Pero madalas wala rin sila sa bahay.

Greco: So hindi naman isuue ‘yung pag umaalis ka or what not?

Lea: Hindi, hindi naman sila ‘yung protective na hindi ka pwede lumabas kung saan-saan. Basta sasabihin mo sakanila, papayag naman sila.

Trixia: Pa’no ‘yung mga lakad na tipong hindi mo nasasabi?

Lea: Uhmm Itetext ko sila ganu. Usually okay na sakanila ‘yun. Hindi na nila ko tinatawagan. Hindi naman sila ‘yung nagagalit. Basta umuwi ako.

Greco: Para sa’yo mas pipiliin mob a na may kasama ka dun sa condo or wala? For example, friend mo or classmate mo lang ang kasaama mo?

Lea: Mas gusto ko ‘yung wala akong kasama kasi baka mamaya magkagulo pa tas mas maraminig lilinisin, chores ganun. Minsan mag-aaway kayo. (laughs)

Trixia: So sa tingin mo ano ‘yung parang malaking bagay kung bakit mo pipiliin ang condo over a dorm?

Lea: Uhm kasi sa dorm ‘di ba maraming nakatira ganun. Gusto ko ng dorm kasi mas private. Ikaw ‘yung bahala sa unit mo tsaka walang curfew. So mas free. Condo talaga.

Greco: Pa’no ‘yun pag bumabagyo tas ikaw lang mag-isa? Na-experience mo na ban a nagkaubusan ng pagkain? Lea: Hindi ko pa naman na-eexperience ‘yun. Nung Habagat di ba sobrang lakas? Hindi ko masyadong na-feel. ‘yung hangin lang, sobrang lakas ng hangin. Tas hindi naman ako naglalabas ng bahay nun kasi may food pa naman.

Trixia: Pa’no ka naghahanda para sa mga ganung klaseng calamities?

Lea: I remember lang, nag-stock up kami ng tubig tsaka rice. ‘di ba binabagyo na nga. Bago magka-disaster talaga.

Greco: What if your friends want to come up to your condo just to hang out? Is it okay with your parents?

Lea: Ah yun minsan nandun sila tas sinasabi ko na “‘wag na lang, ‘wag na lang kayo pumunta” Ang awkward kasi kaya ayun din. Kung kailangan ayun, pupunta sila tas magulo ‘yung condo kasi madami kaming nakatira dun tas awkward ganun. Nakakainis din pero ayos lang naman. Tiis tiis.

Trixia: Okay,  thank you Lea! :)

So now that you have read what each had to say, I’m pretty sure you have a pretty clear idea on what you would want to go for. By the end of the day it’s always a matter of preference and it all depends on the person choosing. For Izzy, he likes socializing so it doesn’t bother him to be with roommates and a lot of people while as for lea, she prefers to have her privacy.

So as for our decision, we’ll go with a tie this time. It’s up for you guys to decide whether you like to live in a dorm or a condo.