Class and Royalty

The ambiance is usually the reason why people go to cafe’s. They go here either to relax or just find that place where it’s not that noise, not too crowded but just the right amount of everything so that they could just stretch out and enjoy themselves. But not all cafe’s can provide these and not all cafe’s actually have anything as substantial as the normal coffee or frappé. In Taft though there is this one exception that satisfies your need for the stereotypical cafe’ but with actually good food and something more than your normal coffee. And that place is called “Coffee Prince and Restaurant”

This is located in The Grand Towers Manila, Pablo Ocampo Sr St Malate, Manila. The name came from a korean drama show called Coffee Prince which had handsome men who would serve their customers. Hence the name Coffee Prince. But this Coffee Prince isn’t paraded with a bunch of feminine looking men that is the main hook for getting customers. In fact the selling point of this cafe’ is the food and the drinks they offer. The food here ranges from pasta to pastries. They have your normal frappes that you would find in any other cafe’ but the quality is better here in my opinion. The sweetest seem more sweet and the pastas here are more aldente’ than any other pasta place near the area. The food here is not your normal dish for that fact that you know that you’re eating something with flavor, as in you can really taste the food melting or entering your mouth and to find something as delicate and colorful as that in Taft is really a rarity. Combine the good food with the ambience and you can never go wrong with this place. The design and the fungshui of everything makes it peaceful and a good place to enjoy your food or your drink while you read a good book or simply chat with friends. The lighting complements everything with it’s yellow lights which help in making things more calm and you can really feel that coffee shop ambiance that you really don’t see anymore especially in chain coffee shops such as Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

Truly, there is much class and royalty in Coffee Prince and Restaurant. If you wish to feel what it is like to be treated with royalty and class then I highly recommend you try this place out. Perfect ambiance matched with outstanding dishes makes this place something to be beheld.