Make The Most Out of Your Condo

How can one make the most out of his/her condo? In my opinion, utilizing the space is the best way of doing so. Space is your friend and you should love it and make good use of it. 

1. Keep it clean
make sure to keep your condo organized and keep the mess away from your path, literally. It might not bother you but it would be very embarrassing when friends and family go visit your condo.

2. Have your study/work area
Either you’re a student or someone who already works, it would be helpful to have a corner where you can do your school or office work.

3. Have your recreational area
If you love dancing, playing video games, exercising, yoga, etc. then it would be advisable to have another corner for that in your condo.

4. Choose the right furnitures
choosing furnitures is very important and it all depends on how big your room is. Before buying something that catches our attention in the store, ask yourself “where will i put this?” “will it match with the interior?”

5. Make use of the walls
More than a cupboard, you can also use the walls as a bookshelf, build a shoe cabinet, school supplies storage area and almost anything else. It’s better to have these things up rather than lying around on the floor. Just make sure not to put these things above your bed because things might fall down on you while you’re sleeping.