Meaty Madness

When you’re hungry, you sometimes have this tendency to imagine the dish you want to eat in the biggest serving you can imagine. When you’re stomach is empty, you think that the bigger the serving, the better it is. What if I told you, you can have both the quality and the size? You’re not only satisfying the craving for something big and juicy but something that’s worth your taste buds?

In Taft, there’s this one place where everyone goes to when they want to satisfy this need for something huge and fulfilling. Zark’s Burgers.

Zark’s Burgers are not your average fast food burgers. They’re not just the simple copy of another burger that has this mediocre taste that we find in most fast food chains like McDonald’s or Jollibee.In fact, the burgers here taste more like real burgers that were not just made like some sort of factory quality burger but a burger made throughly by hand. The Meat is fresh, the vegetables are fresh and even the buns seem better than the normal buns that are used. But of course this may sound biased from someone who has already eaten here and who has loved this place a long time but if you don’t trust my words, then I dare you to go here and tell me that these are not the best burgers you have eaten in your life.

Zark’s is located at Archer’s Nook, 2464 Taft Ave Malate, Manila. It is right above army navy and next to slice and dice. Most of the time this place will be crowded because Zark’s is really one of those places where you don’t get tired of. So I suggest you either go here early or to a time where it’s less crowded. But either way the wait will always be worth the burgers they serve here!

The cheapest burger here is 95 pesos which is the King James Tomahawk but if you add 20pesos you can have some fries with that and an ice tea! That’s really a lot already, especially since this burger is considered the “minor league” in the menu, meaning compared to the others, it’s practically the smallest. The biggest would probably be the Tombstone. It’s almost as large as your head and around it is are a bunch of freshly cooked fries that are crispy enough to make your mouth water. Actually if you are able to finish this burger in less than 10mins you don’t have to pay! YES IT’S FREE IF YOU FINISH IT IN LESS THAN 10mins! ANNNDD you get to have your picture right to the wall where those who have taken challenge have succeeded and proudly finished the TOMBSTONE which is not an exaggeration for it’s name with the amount of meat in it.

So what are you waiting for? Want to have that special burger? Want to sink your teeth into that fresh patty and soft soft soft meat? GO TO ZARKS and let your mouth orgasm in the flavor of what could probably be a Burger made by the gods themselves!