Coming Soon (Hopefully)

Taft is already home to a lot of food establishments but I believe that it has room for more. It was recently announced that the famous Burger King is making its way in Taft so I decided to make a list of other food places that should also be established soon

1. Krispy Kreme

who doesn’t love doughnuts from Krispy Kreme? It can definitely be added as a chill out place when it decides to open in Taft. Their Original Glazed doughnuts are the best and a must-try.

2. Dairy Queen

Feeling hot? Don’t just settle for the typical dirty ice cream on the streets, Dairy Queen is definitely more expensive but worth the money.

3. Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes

The name itself is enough to make you want to buy.

4. Sbarro

Pastas and Pizzas are some of the things that are missing in Taft. It’s time they come here.

5. Pancake House

Not into pizzas? The why not settle for Pancakes and Waffles if ever Pancake House opens.

6. Wendy’s Hamburgers

One of the classic burgers. It’s still relevant for a reason.

7. J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Newly introduced and wherever you go whether Greenbelt, MoA, or Trinoma, the line always goes beyond their entrance door. That’s how good it is.

8. Subway

Short break but got enough time for a sandwich? Then why not go for Subway?

9. Razon’s of Guagua

Their Halo-Halo is definitely worth buying. Summer is coming and it would definitely be a huge hit!

10. Jamba Juice

Healthy smoothies with a feeling of freshness with every sip.

The establishments listed above are very subjective and may vary according to one’s taste and preferences. As for me, I’d be happy if at least three of them would open up soon in Taft. But as for the mean time, let’s enjoy what we have…like Mcdo. :|