Too Young To Be Fighting So Many

Too Young To Be Fighting So Many

Taft Avenue is a busy, busy street. It features not just the biggest commercial establishments and the busiest fast food chains and industrial institutions, but also the most worked out people, struggling to be reach the top and stay there.
But as everyone goes on with their pursuit of greatness, some people stay down, figuratively. Many of us look past the needs of others as we try to make ourselves happy. We forget very soon that happiness is not in ourselves, but in the journey towards being people for others.


I used to believe there is nothing more than living your life,

That there is no happiness beyond one’s self.

The world has taught me that I am the gem of my existence,

That I must try nothing more, and do nothing better, than to make myself happy.

I did not hesitate, because I wanted happiness.

I thought I am my bliss.

It was all that for a while. It was all me.


As I strive for myself, I watch the world.

I watch the birds sing, and the flowers bloom

And the sun rises, and the rain falls.

And I watch people.

I wonder if they make themselves happy.

I wonder if they are just like me.

Some were. Most, actually.

And then I saw the others.

The others, they were few.

It’s like looking for an earring in a pool.

But they were beautiful.

They are small, but oh, do they shine.

I wonder where it comes from.


I watch and I found out they were not like me.

Much to my curiosity, I looked closer.

They work for others.

Others who do not work for them,

But others who need them.

And I saw what something so wildly different.

They are happy. They are.

How could they be?


I did not continue to watch. No.

I followed.

They are doing it everyday.

Simple, simple acts of service.

Help the man fix a car, show the little girl the way to the library,

Take a couple’s picture, comfort their friends.

And more. So much more.

And they do not seem to ask for anything for themselves.

Oh, and they were never exhausted.

They continue. On and on and on.


And then I saw the shine again.

Oh, it was always there alright.

Burning brighter each day. Warm.

I realized it was in their hearts. It is, always.

I taught the world was fine.

But the world was dark.

I realized we could use some more light.

I looked upon myself, and I tried to be

an earring in a pool.

I helped my niece do her homework,

I shared a meal with a friend,

I volunteered in a feeding program.

I helped. And helped and helped.

For once I did so little for myself

But so much for others.

It wasn’t that hard, you know.

And there it is. Happiness beyond myself.

I thought I was the end of my pleasure.

I remember having one goal and one goal alone:

To make myself happy.

But I found something bigger. Warmer.

I found something greater than myself.

And this is the happiness I would not trade anything for.

This is happiness beyond me.

This is happiness by others, through others.


I looked down on myself.

And I saw it.

The shine was on me, too. Warm.

The world was a little bit more brighter.

Maybe if I tell others to do the same,

the darkness will die.

The world is beautiful. I hope everyone gets to see it.

In the light. In the comforting warmth.

I would like everyone to be a light to themselves,

by being a hand to others,

and a heart to the world.

Because everyone has the shine.

Spark it.

Be a hero.


Photo and Poem by Bianca Rose A. Dabu