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Class and Royalty


The ambiance is usually the reason why people go to cafe’s. They go here either to relax or just find that place where it’s not that noise, not too crowded but just the… Continue reading

Meaty Madness


When you’re hungry, you sometimes have this tendency to imagine the dish you want to eat in the biggest serving you can imagine. When you’re stomach is empty, you think that the bigger… Continue reading

Surviving a Possible Zombie Apocalypse


Greco: Sorry, we can’t talk as loud as we could because right now we’re in danger. Mart: We won’t be staying in one place too long. Greco: Right now, we have to be… Continue reading

Charged Up and Loading


Communication is a very important aspect of our lives. Here in our modern age we depend so much of it especially with the advancement of our technology. Always having your cellphone with you… Continue reading



  “Chillax Gaming Lounge” is a new place to just play video games with your friends and relax with their unbelievably comfortable couches. This place is located in One Archers Place and pretty… Continue reading

Stay Connected! Cybergaming!


My Kind of Place


People are always conflicted with the idea of where to live in Taft. They’re always concerned with the cost and the benefits they get. These people usually have to either pick a condo… Continue reading

A Timely Distant Home


Going back home from school is usually what you do especially if you’re a student. In Taft it usually takes several minutes to travel from there to your house especially if you live… Continue reading

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