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The Dorm Life


Cleo Kristine Elveña, a first-time resident of the Lasallian Study Center, narrates how it’s like to live in a dorm, and if she would exchange anything, particularly a condo unit, to get out… Continue reading

Art in Chaos


After attending our first class, my friends and I went to the National Museum to check out Juan Luna’s Spoliarium. Last Monday, we were instructed to go there for our Introduction to Arts… Continue reading

Too Young To Be Fighting So Many


Taft Avenue is a busy, busy street. It features not just the biggest commercial establishments and the busiest fast food chains and industrial institutions, but also the most worked out people, struggling to… Continue reading

Tyra Banks


Money, money, money… With the importance of money in our everyday lives, I am quite sure that it is not only Tyra who needs Banks. And with Taft Avenue being one of the… Continue reading

I Need Space


They say aside from the academic and extracurricular challenges school has to offer, there is one other thing that keeps some of the students, well, challenged. Particularly students who… ride… in Taft. *insert… Continue reading

‘Round the Clock


Are you a certified Taft standby, day and night? Or in a more colorful tone… Certified tambay ka ba ng Taft? Do I hear a yes? Well, this article is for all you… Continue reading

The University Mall: Your One-Stop All-Time Tambayan


Justin Sibug, a 2nd year Communication Arts student, gives us few of the many reasons why Taft people loves the glorified tambayan that is the University Mall, or more commonly known as the… Continue reading

The Condo Life


Hazel Marie Venida, a 2-year resident of One Archers Place East Tower, narrates how it’s like to live in a condominium, and if she would exchange anything, particularly a dorm, to get out… Continue reading

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