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Coming Soon (Hopefully)


Taft is already home to a lot of food establishments but I believe that it has room for more. It was recently announced that the famous Burger King is making its way in Taft so… Continue reading

Make The Most Out of Your Condo


How can one make the most out of his/her condo? In my opinion, utilizing the space is the best way of doing so. Space is your friend and you should love it and… Continue reading

Battle of the Edifice


December 4, 2012. We were bemused to know which will win: staying in a Dorm with roommates which is cheaper and safe or living in a Condo with your parents? It’s too bad… Continue reading

Typhoon Survival 101


The Philippines encounter numerous storms and typhoons in a year and Taft avenue is one of those places that are greatly devastated when storms come. Provided you live in a condo, you would… Continue reading

Be Snatch-Proof


Taft, being part of Manila, can be considered as one of the most advanced and progressive places we have in the Philippines in terms of different aspects such as education or business. But… Continue reading

Time Killers


Have you ever been in a city all alone (or with friends) with lots of time to kill and you don’t know what to do with it? Then allow us to give you… Continue reading

Drink till’ you drop


Taft is one of the most well-known places in Manila and it definitely has it all; from school to residences and especially business. But what would a prominent city be without its night… Continue reading

Condo Hunting


Condos have been in the picture for a long time already but it seems like they’re finally taking the spotlights these past few years. Condos have been popping all over the place like… Continue reading

To Cook or To Go?


Living a condo or in a dorm is not as easy as you think and one of the problems that you would experience would be related to what you will eat and where… Continue reading

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