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Love, Not Informed


Looks like Taft has its own jam after all. I don’t like Taft so much, and I kind of hoped that most people share the same feelings with me on this one. But… Continue reading

There’s a new (Apple) store in Taft.


Apple fanboys and fangirls living around the De La Salle area were thrilled when a new authorized Apple reseller opened a branch at the ground floor of One Archers Place. SW!TCH showcases all Apple products,… Continue reading

6 things that could cause a huge fire


In Taft where it is congested, getting your unit on fire will cause serious problems times ten. But I’m not one to spoon-feed safety precautions and messages like “During a fire, number one… Continue reading

The Philippine General Hospital


Being so-called the main vein of Manila, Taft Avenue is not only there to get around Manila; it makes accessible the biggest hospital of the country. Philippine General Hospital grants 1,000 beds for… Continue reading

On Tresses and Nail Buds Care


You walk along Taft while dusts rustle in the wind. The wind grows stronger so your dry hair starts flying all over the place. You look down and notice that your month-old toenail… Continue reading

Frantic and Calm


Needing your caffeine fix or craving for iced milk tea while in the busy streets of Taft is not torture; places dedicated for coffee and milk tea are abundant. Good thing for us… Continue reading

All By Myself or With You?


Moments when you thank the universe that you live alone and despise it when you have a roommate: Quiet just when you want it. The urge to just dance around. Crying because of… Continue reading

All Set and Ready To Move In


So… You’ve decided to move out of your parents’ house and live in a condo or dorm, reasons withheld. Well, it’s pretty much a given that everything you need, you won’t find in… Continue reading

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