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The Dorm Life


Cleo Kristine Elveña, a first-time resident of the Lasallian Study Center, narrates how it’s like to live in a dorm, and if she would exchange anything, particularly a condo unit, to get out… Continue reading

Battle of the Edifice


December 4, 2012. We were bemused to know which will win: staying in a Dorm with roommates which is cheaper and safe or living in a Condo with your parents? It’s too bad… Continue reading

All By Myself or With You?


Moments when you thank the universe that you live alone and despise it when you have a roommate: Quiet just when you want it. The urge to just dance around. Crying because of… Continue reading

My Kind of Place


People are always conflicted with the idea of where to live in Taft. They’re always concerned with the cost and the benefits they get. These people usually have to either pick a condo… Continue reading

A Timely Distant Home


Going back home from school is usually what you do especially if you’re a student. In Taft it usually takes several minutes to travel from there to your house especially if you live… Continue reading

Condo Hunting


Condos have been in the picture for a long time already but it seems like they’re finally taking the spotlights these past few years. Condos have been popping all over the place like… Continue reading

To Cook or To Go?


Living a condo or in a dorm is not as easy as you think and one of the problems that you would experience would be related to what you will eat and where… Continue reading

The Condo Life


Hazel Marie Venida, a 2-year resident of One Archers Place East Tower, narrates how it’s like to live in a condominium, and if she would exchange anything, particularly a dorm, to get out… Continue reading

All Set and Ready To Move In


So… You’ve decided to move out of your parents’ house and live in a condo or dorm, reasons withheld. Well, it’s pretty much a given that everything you need, you won’t find in… Continue reading

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