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Class and Royalty


The ambiance is usually the reason why people go to cafe’s. They go here either to relax or just find that place where it’s not that noise, not too crowded but just the… Continue reading

Meaty Madness


When you’re hungry, you sometimes have this tendency to imagine the dish you want to eat in the biggest serving you can imagine. When you’re stomach is empty, you think that the bigger… Continue reading

On Tresses and Nail Buds Care


You walk along Taft while dusts rustle in the wind. The wind grows stronger so your dry hair starts flying all over the place. You look down and notice that your month-old toenail… Continue reading

Frantic and Calm


Needing your caffeine fix or craving for iced milk tea while in the busy streets of Taft is not torture; places dedicated for coffee and milk tea are abundant. Good thing for us… Continue reading



  “Chillax Gaming Lounge” is a new place to just play video games with your friends and relax with their unbelievably comfortable couches. This place is located in One Archers Place and pretty… Continue reading

‘Round the Clock


Are you a certified Taft standby, day and night? Or in a more colorful tone… Certified tambay ka ba ng Taft? Do I hear a yes? Well, this article is for all you… Continue reading

Time Killers


Have you ever been in a city all alone (or with friends) with lots of time to kill and you don’t know what to do with it? Then allow us to give you… Continue reading

Drink till’ you drop


Taft is one of the most well-known places in Manila and it definitely has it all; from school to residences and especially business. But what would a prominent city be without its night… Continue reading

The University Mall: Your One-Stop All-Time Tambayan


Justin Sibug, a 2nd year Communication Arts student, gives us few of the many reasons why Taft people loves the glorified tambayan that is the University Mall, or more commonly known as the… Continue reading

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